Ensemble: Serenade

Ensemble: Serenade is a classical music ensemble based in Clarksville, TN. We are a group of professional musicians and graduate APSU students with extensive experience in performing and an active performance schedule. Each of the musicians has spent many years perfecting their craft and skill on their instrument. With our love for music we all are committed to enrich your special event with our music.  

Meet our Musicians

Wedding: An Example


Whatever your special occasion, we would love to provide elegant and eclectic music for you. Our performances are not limited to weddings, receptions, parties, luncheons, corporate events, anniversaries, casual or formal dinners, and funerals. 

Many events call for different settings. To suit your needs in the best possible way, you can choose how many musicians will perform at your event. Regardless of how many musicians you choose, you can rest assured that we will provide a great experience for you. Our repertoire ranges from Baroque, Classical, Romantic through Contemporary styles, and we are always open to your requests. 

  • Quartet:

A quartet consist of four (4) musicians, usually 2 violins, a viola and a cello. This provides a rich sonority for the audience. Tailored after a choir setting (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), the quartet offers a very special touch to your event. To view our repertoire list for quartet music, click here

  • Trio:

A trio consists of three (3) musicians, usually violin, viola and cello and is an ensemble with a great sonority, but mindful of your budget. To view our repertoire list for trio music, click here

  • Duo:

The duo, two (2) musicians, offers an intimate sound, perfect for a small setting. The arrangement of a duo can be very flexible. We offer the following: voice/instrument and piano, two violins, violin and cello.

Please contact us for a repertoire list of duet music. We would like to discuss and choose music appropriate for your special event. 

  • Solo

We currently only offer solo violin or solo piano for your event. Please contact us for a repertoire list of solo music. We would like to discuss and choose music appropriate for your special event. 

We love to hear from you and discuss your event with you.