Audition Materials

  1. Fill out the application completely.
  2. Register at Madison Street Music & Arts Academy
    • Registration and payment is handled online.
  3. Return the application at time of audition.
  4. Print audition repertoire - see below.
    1. Only choose one division
    2. Print both, excerpt and scale requirements. Admission to the orchestra will not be granted if students do not come prepared!
    3. Practice and prepare. 
  5. Please click here for complete descriptions of ensembles. By reviewing the descriptions, examining audition materials, and talking with your private instructor, you will know which ensemble matches your skills.
  6. Prepare Audition Materials (see below):
  • Ask your teacher for help with your audition materials and orchestra music!
  • Use a metronome.
  • Practice slowly.
  • Concentrate on tone quality, intonation, dynamics and rhythm.
  • Practice sight-reading.
  • Practice auditioning and perform for various people such as family and friends.
  • The audition committee will be listening among other things for 
    • the correct notes and rhythms,
    • intonation, tone quality, and articulation, 
    • expression, musical style and consistency.

Music is a lifelong learning experience and perfection takes a lot of work and time. Try to relax before you audition. Focusing on your breath is a technique that helps many people calm their nerves. Visualize yourself playing with confidence. Nerves are natural, but remember the purpose of an audition is to show what you already know!

Students that are well prepared have the greatest chance of performing well!

Audition Materials

Overture Division

Intermezzzo Division

Eleganza Division

Eleganza Division for Returning Students