Eleganza Division

Eleganza Division - experienced musicians:

Open to all students of all ages, comfortable with note reading and late Suzuki Book 3/beginning Book 4 or equivalent level of difficulty. Teacher recommendation is preferred. Chamber or string orchestra repertoire will be chosen from grade levels 3 or 4 and is selected to build fluency in shifting and playing in the first three positions with use of vibrato. Students will have to re-audition every Fall Semester.

APSU Orchestra members:
After students have been performing with the APSU orchestra for one semester, students have the following option: 
  • join the Intermezzo division for public performances and end of the semester performance only. 
    • students will learn the repertoire on their own and must join the rehearsal prior and on the day of the performance. 
  • regularly attend the Eleganza division rehearsals.
  • re-audition in the Fall will no longer be necessary.