Clarksville Youth String Orchestra

The Clarksville Youth String Orchestra (CYSO), directed by Simone Parker, was established in Fall 2015. In addition to having individual instruction/group lessons, the youth orchestra provides students in the Clarksville and surrounding communities the opportunity to collaborate and perform in an ensemble from early on. It introduces musicians to the basic skills needed for ensemble playing, orchestral procedures and beautiful sound production. The orchestra is structured into three divisions (to find out more about each, click on the division you are interested in):

  • Overture: starting orchestra members/beginners (ASTA Grade Level 1)
  • Intermezzo: beginning/experienced orchestra members (ASTA Level 1.5-2.5)
  • Eleganza:  experienced musicians (ASTA Grade Level 2.5-4)

Each division supports the other and integrates all students from the beginning. Students learn to interact with each other in a non-competitive way and prepare for orchestral auditions, which in turn encourages the transition into the APSU Symphony Orchestra. In addition, the youth orchestra serves as an opportunity for APSU college students to teach and conduct rehearsals. The ensemble performs regularly at the APSU George and Sharon Mabry Concert Hall, Madison Street Methodist Church,  and also at various other venues. Click on the link to view our Flashmob performance around the APSU campus: Flashmob 2014.

CYSO is an all-inclusive orchestra, all students and adult community members are welcome to play with us. 

Audition and Registration: August 13, 2018 ~ first rehearsal - August 20, 2018

Rehearsal Schedule

The audition is for new incoming students only and serves to determine seating assignments. To find out more about auditions, please check out the Auditions Materials page for more information. All students and adult community members are welcome to be part of the youth string orchestra! Existing members do not need to re-audition, unless the student wants to advance in divisions. Eleganza students re-audition every Fall semester. 

All auditions will be held at our regular rehearsal space (319 Madison Street, please enter the church from the Commerce Street entrance). No prior sign-up is necessary and all orchestra students will need to register on or by the audition day. Please see the individual divisions for more information. 

  • Audition time for all new students: 5:15-7pm
  • Audition time for all 'advancing to the next division' students: 5:15-7pm 
    • all current Eleganza Divison students must re-audition every Fall Semester!

If you missed a recent audition, it is NOT too late... Please contact me directly to schedule an appointment and/or for more information.
Adult Community members are welcome to participate, no audition necessary.