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What students are saying​....

The Alexander Technique asked me to trust the process and sparked a deeper joy for learning and experiencing the excitement of understanding something new for the first time. AT asks me to meet myself where I'm at and stop hoping I was further along in the process. It asks me to begin again - with grace, mercy and inquisitive wonder through my own unique journey and beautiful process of self discovery.

The Alexander Technique taught me many things about mindfulness and observation. Before I studied AT, I numbed myself to my habits and actions, as well as the world around me. I am learning more about how the body moves as well as how the mind works and develops habits, and I am able to apply this to my own life

I am specifically learning how to adjust my patterns of movement and support to a way that is less stressful on the body. 

AT has given me to the tools to find poise. With these tools I can experiment myself and find what feels right for me and play with it in different situations. I am more positive and I just feels like AT gave me the reason I never needed to accept and love myself for who I am.

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