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Alexander Technique Lessons 

The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support, flexibility and coordination. It enhances performance and is therefore a valued tool for actors, dancers, and musicians, but the Technique is open and available for anyone interested.

It offers students a means to unite the body and mind in effective, healthy ways. Practice of the Technique refines and heightens kinesthetic sensitivity, offering students control which is fluid and lively rather than rigid. It provides a means whereby the use of a part - a voice or an arm or a leg - is improved by improving the use of the whole body.

Schedule a face-to-face Lesson:

Students may choose from the two options below: 

  • weekly AT class (group lesson)

  • or regular AT lessons (individual or with your group of friends/family).

Please email me with your preferred time/day for your AT lesson. It is best if you give me a couple of options or send me your weekly schedule. Once we have confirmed our lesson time/day, Mrs. Parker will send payment instructions. 

Weekly Alexander Technique Class

Simone Parker is offering a weekly Alexander Technique class. This 60 minute class is available to and for anyone interested exploring the principles of the Alexander Technique and will conclude with a 10-15 minute constructive resting. The cost is $20 per session (4 minimum participants) and reservations must be made by Friday at noon each week. Children and adults are welcome to attend. Class size is limited to four to six participants.

Regular Alexander Technique Lessons

Students may also choose to study the Alexander Technique in individual setting and/or small group lessons. As with any Alexander Technique study, lessons will be structured to meet the needs of each student. Students may choose one-on-one lessons or have small group lessons with friends/family. 

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