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Alexander Technique for Musicians 

Musicians are dedicated to practice a lot, which can lead to strain, pain, and injury. The Alexander Technique offers students a means to unite the body and mind in effective, healthy ways. 

Common Similarities: Making Music vs. Alexander Technique

  • discipline and constant practice

  • develop a clear mind

  • slow practice

  • artistic and self expression

  • love

  • tune into your inner self and your senses

  • rhythmical flow (physical, emotional, spiritual)

Throughout the study of the Alexander Technique, students will discover choices to formed habits (in doing and in thought). These choices allow us to change and explore new possibilities with an open mind. When discovering music and new ways of moving/doing then living and making music becomes exciting.

We can never predict what life will present us and similarly while performing music the unpredictable often happens. Through the Alexander Technique, students are able to be 'prepared for nothing and ready for anything.'

Curios? Please contact me - I am looking forward to hear from you! 

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