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Alexander Technique ~ Studio Policy

My Practice:

I want to provide students with the opportunity to do and achieve anything they desire in life. My goal is to enable students to use the principles of the Alexander Technique independently and become self-sufficient learners. As a result, students can enjoy a life of freedom and ease.

My Dream:

Assist students to develop a life-long love and appreciation for learning and self-discovery.

Thank you for choosing me as your teacher! It is an honor and privilege to share what I love with you, your child and your family. In order to ensure that you get the most effective and creative teaching possible, I have established following policies:

After the initial meet and greet lesson, I recommend a few lessons shortly one after another to understand the basics of the Alexander Technique. 


I use the following criteria to determine student eligibility for lessons during the interview conversation: 

  • Age and maturity, and parental support for children

  • Interest of the student

I use the following criteria to determine student eligibility for continuing with lessons: 

  • Attendance

  • Motivation and interest of student

  • Paid tuition

I reserve the right to cancel the lesson if a student is more than 10 minutes late. In addition, I reserve the right to terminate lessons with the student, if I feel that the student would learn better in another situation.

DISCONTINUING LESSONS: In the event that you must stop the lessons, please communicate your withdrawal from lessons. This will give me a chance to finish the lessons on a positive note and the opportunity to fill the available time slot.

SCHEDULE: All lessons are scheduled by appointment only and lessons will always start and end on time. Every attempt will be made to schedule lessons at a convenient time for all. Attendance at every scheduled lesson is vital and the scheduled appointment must be realized. Payment is due at the time of the lesson. Cancelling a scheduled appointment must be done at least 48 hours before a lesson or fees will still apply. Continuous rescheduling or missed appointments are not subject for make-up, lesson fees will occur and may result in termination of our professional relationship.

-Inclement Weather - School Closings: When Montgomery County Schools close due to inclement weather, the Sparkling Keys and Strings Studio will be closed as well. Online Skype or telephone lessons and/or email feedback on videos will be provided during the time of the regular lesson. There will not be any other makeup lessons or refunds issued for missed lessons due to inclement weather.

-Picking students (minors) up and dropping them off:

It is the responsibility of the parent to see that the student is delivered safely to the teaching space. Due to scheduling, I am not always able to supervise students coming or leaving. In addition, please respect your and others’ allotted lesson time.   

Lessons are learning experiences that requires the cooperation of the teacher, parent and student. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, problems or concerns. 

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