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Listening Guide

Title of the Piece:*

Name of the Composer:*

Name of the Performing Artist/Group:*

From what Musical Period is this piece?*

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What instruments were used?*

What special musical elements, articulations, dynamics or special performance techniques (e.g. staccato, forte, pizzicato, etc) did you hear?*

Your overall reaction to the piece:*

Did you like the piece?*

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What can you apply to your own playing from this performance?*

How did the music make you feel?

What did you like about the music/piece?

What did you not like about the music/piece?

Describe moods, colors, and ideas that were in the music:

What tonality did this piece use?

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Other comments/observations:

When and were was this composer born?

When and were did this composer die?

How old was this composer?

What were the parents' names?

Did this composer have any siblings and if so, what were their names?

Any other fun facts about the composer:

Other famous compositions of this composer:

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