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High and Low Notes - A Magazine for Music Lovers

During the Summer of 2021, the Piano Explorer announced that they will no longer create the monthly student magazine. All my students had their very own subscription to this student publication. I have subscribed to the magazine since 2009 and I am still terribly saddened that the Piano Explorer era has come to an end. Unfortunately, subscriptions have decreased in such a way that the publishers can no longer create/print the magazine as of Fall Semester 2021.

So, this is what started our own creative processes in the Fall 2021 semester: We copied the format for our magazine from the Piano Explorer and I met with the older students at a Zoom Music Party during which we voted on our composer/pop musician of the month. I then paired up the Middle and High School students to research and write essays on their assigned portion for our magazine. The Elementary aged students created the visual effects at our in-person Music Party.

Now that we have the first two magazines finished and printed, we will continue by creating one magazine per semester. Topics will include: 

  • Classical Composer: The Life, Career, and Music of a Classical Composer

  • Popular/Living Composer or Musician: The Life, Career, and Music of a Popular/Living Composer or Musician

  • Interview with a Music Professional

  • Sharing Section: Birthday and Achievement Announcements

  • Composition Clues: Tips and Tricks for Composing

  • Keyboard Korner: Tips and Tricks for Piano Students

  • Strictly Section: Tips and Tricks for String Students

  • Fun Pages with Music related Jokes, Crossword Puzzles, Quizzes, Word Searches... 

If you are interested in subscribing to the High and Low Notes Magazine, please contact me. 

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