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Music for the Heart - Scholarship Fund

Imagine life without music? Think of all the different ways music has influenced your life and your child's life... For me, music is everything, it is love, it provides meaning to my life, it resembles my soul, it is my connection to God, and it can be my biggest challenge at times ... then I have to persevere. Music is who I am!

My hope is you feel similar about making music...Please help me to continue to share music with children and families that have a difficult time paying for the expenses involved with music lessons. Let us all pass on the "beauty to our ears and souls..." and give a means to express ourselves creatively.

In Spring 2012, I have started a Scholarship Fund "Music for the Heart" for students who experience difficulties to pay for music lessons. I am sure you have already noticed the benefits for yourself and for your child of making music and learning to play an instrument. I believe with music we can reach so many hearts and help children to grow into confident adults.

You already know the expenses involved for students to learn an instrument. Therefore, any contribution, as little as $5.00 or sponsoring an entire semester’s tuition, will help pay for the expense of books, materials and lesson fees. Whether you decide to contribute monthly or one time only - all contributions are accepted.

Together we can make the difference: I am personally committed to sponsor one student per semester! Please click here to donate or contact me directly to find out additional ways to contribute. Thank you for considering this opportunity to help me share music. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

How to apply for the Scholarship:

Fill out the Scholarship Application.Please email the application to
Choose one of the following: Enclose a copy of the form verifying acceptance into the CMCSS free/assisted lunch program.Describe your financial circumstances and concerns in a brief statement. 

The number of scholarships awarded in any year will be determined by the number of qualified applications and available funds. 

Submission deadlines: (extensions may only be permitted in special circumstances)

July 15: to be considered for the Fall Semester

December 15: to be considered for the Spring Semester

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