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What parents are saying...

  • Your teaching style, energy, enthusiasm and dedication have been such a blessing to us and you have made such a difference in the way we see music.

  • Our family has been blessed by your time, music and passion. You have been a tremendous influence on our girls. They have made great strides with you as their teacher. Their love of music is growing. They play more now than ever before and I give you the credit. Thanks for all you do! You make this fun again.

  • You are the most amazing music teacher! We really appreciate your enthusiasm and fantastic skills you use to teach our kids!

  • I love your teaching ways, the way you encourage kids and your big smile.

  • Your passion for teaching and sharing your talent is infectious. God has truly blessed you with a rich and abundant talent.

  • Thank you for challenging our son, keeping him accountable and encouraging him! We appreciate your time and instruction invested.

  • You are a gifted musician, a talented teacher, and incredibly inspiring!

  • Thank you so much for teaching and investing in the lives of others!

  • Thank you for being part of our daughter's music education/journey and investing so much of you in her! We are amazed by the continuous improvement and success!

  • Dear Ms. Simone, we want to thank you for your dedication and talent in teaching our son piano. We appreciate your efforts.

  • Thank you for investing another semester into the lives of our children. Our family is so blessed by your musical gifts and kindness. We appreciate all you do!

  • We are truly amazed of the continuous progress we see in our child and all the hard work and effort you invest in your students - like they are your children.

  • Thank you for sharing your love of music and learning with my children, they will never forget the time they spent with you.

  • I am a teacher by profession and I find Simone Parker to be an amazing and gifted teacher. Not only is she accomplished on the piano and strings, she knows how to teach children. She is patient yet firm, can see when a child is struggling and redirects them. She knows when a child needs a little push to overcome an obstacle. I highly recommend her!
    ~ Lorry Connors - Satisfied Grandma

  • Thank you for helping instill such a love of music in my children!

  • I just want to say, no one has impressed us the way you did. Thank you for your love of music and for instilling that into our children. You made a big impression on them!

  • My son Cole loves piano and Simone has been a gem...... Thanks,
    ~ Rollow Welch - PR APSU

  • Ms. Simone has been teaching my daughter, Zee, for nearly a year. Zee has flourished under her instruction. Simone adjusts her teaching approach to suit each child's personality and learning methods. She is truly one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. We are so thankful to have found her!
    ~ Christie Schumacher-Violin Mom

  • We are so excited to have you teaching the kids. I'm very impressed by your teaching methods. Our children have made a lot of progress already in just a couple weeks. Thank you for everything!
    ~ Mom of several string/piano students

  • Mrs. Parker is a gifted teacher who sincerely cares for her students and their well being. She is constantly trying new techniques and never gives up on her students. I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is or even begin to describe how important she is to our family.
    ~ Piano Mom

  • Ms. Simone is a wonderful teacher. She does an amazing job of incorporating my son's interests in her lessons and challenging him. He really enjoys his sessions with her.
    ~ Catherine Shea – Mother of piano student

  • Ms. Parker is an excellent teacher! My children have gotten a lot out of their time in her orchestra. She has a teaching style that is fun yet challenging, precise but never intimidating. She has shown my kids to love to play and I love to listen.
    ~ Erin Compton - String Orchestra Mom

  • I am very impressed with my children's accomplishments on the piano. You are a WONDERFUL teacher! I appreciate your knowledge of piano and your dedication to teaching my children. I could not ask for a better teacher. Thanks for all you do to encourage them both to love music and playing the piano.
    ~ C. Edwin - Impressed mom of Kiana & Jaden

  • Cole has progress in piano is amazing, your patience with him shows and he looks forward to playing and attending your class that a statement for a 7 year old ...
    ~ Rollow Welch – Father of Cole Welch

What students are saying...

  • My appreciation for all that you do grows weekly, as I see your hard work, time and effort in every email, handout and lesson. I greatly admire you as a musician and as a person!

  • You have inspired me to be a great violinist!

  • Thank you for being a wonderful piano teacher that always brings out the best of my skills. I will always remember all the things you have taught me over the years.

  • Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and believing in your students every step of the way!

  • Thank you for being one of the best music teachers, if not the best music teacher, I've ever had. I've learned so much from you, and I really appreciate your patience and kindness.

  • Mrs. Parker is a fine teacher and knowledgeable. She is also very passionate and enthusiastic about teaching. ... I loved this course! I think it is extremely difficult to make theory a fun course for students, but Professor Parker was able to do so. I've learned so much, and the way she taught us will allow the information to percolate and be retained throughout our life. She is one of the best instructors I've had throughout my four years of schooling. I'm so sad I'm graduating because I wish I could take more classes taught by her!
    ~ College Students - from Intro to Theory Course

  • Thanks so much for being the best piano teacher!! Thanks for always supporting me and helping me grow as a pianist! You're the best!

  • Thank you for being such an excellent teacher. I love having you as a teacher because you are fun, nice, and always cheerful.

  • Thank you so much for being my piano and violin teacher! I am so happy about how much I have been improving in both instruments with your help.

  • Dear Mrs. Parker, thank you for being an amazing violin teacher this year! I am looking forward to next semester.

  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play in my orchestra. I will miss it!

  • I had a blast learning and advancing in music

  • You give me hope, you give me experience, you give me inspiration, you put music in my heart. You are the best! Thank you for teaching me.

  • Thank you for challenging me in piano and for being a great teacher. Your challenges are hard but always end up with me learning something new which helps me in harder pieces.

  • Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. You have given us the confidence to learn to read music and to "attack" the bass clef. With knowing a few basics, we feel we can really play music and entertain ourselves. Thank you for all your patience with us!
    ~ Adult Group Piano Class 

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