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Simone Parker lives in Clarksville, Tennessee, where she provides individual piano, violin and viola instruction for children starting at age 4 and for adult learners of any age. She offers group and private sessions in the Alexander Technique. Simone Parker holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in piano performance (M. Mu. and B.A), is a national certified teacher of music (NCTM) and a certified Alexander Technique teacher.

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Music touches every aspect of our lives and I believe every child is born with the desire to make music. Young children express themselves through music and rhythm from early on and music offers a great way to express feelings, to communicate and connect with each other. Most people tend to be happier and more joyous with music in their lives. It is just plainly impossible to imagine life without music!

Music is the Language of the Heart.

Shinichi Suzuki

I believe that musical talent is a learned skill and therefore has to be nurtured. Any student interested in learning can be educated and the environment is the key. As an instructor, I provide a comfortable, fun and inspiring environment to spark or rekindle interest in young musicians. Adult learners can enjoy recreational music making by learning in a stress free environment. It is never too late to start! Lessons are held on an individual basis and provide personal attention to the needs of each student. Group/Partner lessons are available upon request. 

My goal is for students to learn disciplined practicing and performance habits and develop a life-long love for music and learning. Students are able to enjoy the process of learning through self discovery and motivational challenges. Fun activities, such as composition and theory games, encourage learning about music theory and history and further the creativity of the student. Music parties, group/partner lessons, performance classes and student recitals offer an opportunity to make music together and play with accompanying parts and duets. In addition, students gain experience of performing in front of an audience, an optional choice for adult students.  

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